Monday, February 2, 2009

Orc with a Sore Head

Leaving the forest far behind him, Thesis continues to travel North.
Riding again, now out in the open, he makes good time and he half expects to catch up with his friends any hour now.
Instead though, he sees the mountains surrounding this side of the Forbidden lands loom up in the distance.
He rides on and then to his amazement he sees a small settlement. Several log cabins beside a wide stretch of the river.
Slowing to a trot, Thesis takes in as much information as he can before closing. There are four log cabins and they seem to have been there for several years. He can see two men wading in the river. (It must be fordable in this part.) He can see another two working near a semi-permanent fire in the centre of the four cabins. They are all dressed in appropriate fur and leather clothing for this environment.
Then Thesis sees a much larger figure dressed in studded leather armour. An Orc warrior.
Still, it’s only one Orc. Possible using the Humans as slave workers? Thesis feels confident that he can handle just one Orc and continues to ride on.
As soon as one of the human prospectors sees him though, they call out to the Orc. It becomes apparent that he’s not the boss but rather a hired guard.
“Hail stranger!” comes the call from the lead prospector. “What are you doing all the way out here?”
Thesis notices one of the Humans rushing off to one of the cabins and shuting the door behind him. He also notices the Orc draw a large Falchion.
On explaining that he is searching for his friends, the group visibly relax. Only the Orc continues to growl.
“Don’t mind him. He’s just hungover after being out drunk by a Dwarven Barbarian. Could that be one of the friends you’re looking for?”
Thesis rests for a while and enjoys some of the fresh fish broth, cooking over the open fire.
After a few hours rest, he’s ready to set off again.
Optimistically Thesis turns to the camp leader,“Which way?”
His heart falls though when the man points to both the river and mountain path.
“Careful my friend. Although the river’s fordable, the mountain doesn’t like trespassers.”


RoboGeek said...

I can see I have some way to go yet. Reading the sidebar note, I think Thesis will need to be pretty careful what he says to any large boulder he meets :D

And I'm not looking forward to the stair climb in Full-Plate! What was I thinking!

Charlie Stilton said...

If Thesis climbs all the way to the top in full plate, and then rolls highest for initiative, I'm quitting!