Friday, February 13, 2009

Stay away from the light

While searching the dead Harpies' caves, Chen finds a moment of solitude to consider his second near death experience. It would seem that he's beginning to make too much of a habit of this - the naivety of his training didn't really prepare him for how dangerous the world outside his monastery could be, and now his irrepressible bravery seems more like ignorant folly. Aside from the embarrassment of having to be rescued once again, he now is implicitly in debt to Wer - and who knows how she might choose to invoke that favour...?

Hang on! What's this?! A feather with a strange silver emblem attached? Perhaps he can recover some pride when he returns to his companions with an interesting trinket. He tucks the item into his robes and turns to rejoin the group.

In exiting the cave he looks down on his friends... What are they doing now?!
The dwarf seems to be pumping a clearly insane (and even more clearly disgustingly naked) old man for information, while the clerics are smashing some gigantic eggs in front of him, thus making him pull his hair out!

His friends' behaviour confuses him - as often seems to be the case. How quickly they turn from heroic figures who rid the world of vicious beasts to petty men who rescue captives only to inflict a special kind of torture on them!

At least here, though, the Ying and the Yang are intact. The obviously Good deed of destroying Evil creatures is offset by the obvious pain that this act causes. Chen approves of this simplicity - especially as his group's recent events in the valley seemed to have tipped the balance too far towards Good. If only Karma could always be so clear!

Well then, on towards the Chaotic Church - once he has helped the clerics in this perhaps he will have repayed them for saving him from death against the chain devils? In doing so, though, he knows he will need many hours of meditation afterwards to come to terms with his lack of Balance...


Hedzor said...

Durin to wretched, naked man:
"I can plainly see your nuts!"

Insanodag said...

This is where the search for some sort of arbitrary order within the universe goes down in flames.

The Uncaring's Will clearly states that any such endeavour will only lead the searcher to be consumed with evil or lost in stagnation, thus never fulfilling their true potential in their quest for knowledge and power.

Bodush has found religion.