Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Early next morning, Tao leaves alone with a horse and three camels. He travels to the spot he left Mendez the day before and works out the approximate position of the cave.
“Open Cinnamon!” he cries. He can’t suppress his smile when a cave mouth appears less a dozen feet from where he is.
Tethering the animals and lighting a torch, Tao moves carefully into the cave. When his eyes finally adjust to the torchlight, he still can’t believe them.
There is so much! The contents of this cave could buy his Father ten times over.
He should have brought more camels!
Tao’s thoughts stay with his Father. “Once I’ve brought this all home, Father will think of me as his favorite son once more."
Gathering up as much treasure as he can, he loads up the camels and leaves as fast as they can now go, struggling under the weight of all the gold.
Amazingly, none of the bandits arrive back in time to see him go.


Charlie Stilton said...

Looks like luck runs in the family...

Hedzor said...

And good looks.