Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cursed Magical Armour

Charging up the slope as best he can, Thesis faces barrage after barrage. After the third wave his horse seems to get even heavier. Thesis looks back over his shoulder and sees that he’s dragging a dead horse up the slope.
Letting go of the reigns, Thesis pushes onwards. Two more rock falls tumble down before Thesis has even got halfway up the mountain. He is smashed in the chest and legs and he screams in rage and curses his new armour. Without it he would have been over the crest by now!
Then Thesis notices something. The rocks have stopped rolling down towards him. He looks up and sees the reason why. There are no more rocks!
Thesis’ laughter is cut short however by the sound of rock grinding on rock behind him. The boulders have all been caught by the strange rock lip at the bottom of the slope. Worse, several of the rocks and boulders are rolling back uphill, as if being pulled by an invisible force!
Thesis starts to run again as best he can. He can move up the incline at about the same speed as the rocks seem to be rolling. He finally manages to get to the top and then curses again. The route down is a mirror of the route up, including the river running the other side of the mountain.
He sprints down it and is able to go much faster this way. He almost loses his footing a couple of times but manages to stay upright.
He is nearing the bottom when a group of boulders reach the summit and begin to thunder down towards him. They’re almost on him when Thesis leaps the remaining distance into the water. The rocks smashing into the ridge behind him.
Thesis breathes a sigh of relief and heals himself as best as he can while wading through the river towards the safety of the bank.
One more impact would surely have been the death of him.


RoboGeek said...

Typical. First adventure with the new armour and it is all speed and agility and endurance that is needed.

RoboGeek said...

By the way - nice work there Kirk.

Sentient Mountain - how'd you get that idea?

Hedzor said...

I has mental defect.