Friday, February 6, 2009

Cinnamon, where you gonna run to?

Taking a deep breath, Mendez calls out “Open Cinnamon!”. He half expects nothing to happen, but sure enough the cave mouth reappears by magic.
With his enchanted scimitar in hand, Mendez creeps forward; alert for any sound of ambush. Surprisingly none comes.
Mendez’s way is lit by his sword and after less than a minute, the tunnel opens out into a massive cave. A cave filled with riches, from coins and gems to beautifully crafted goblets and jewellery.
Realising he doesn’t know how long the bandits will be gone and that he is now without a horse, Mendez stuffs as many gems into his pockets and shirt as he can manage. Then, with a wistful look over his shoulder, Mendez leaves the cave. He’s sure that his small robbery will not be noticed amongst such a wealth of riches. Turning around once in the sunlight, Mendez calls to the cave, “Close Cinnamon!”.
He’s already running as he hears the sound of the cave mouth shutting behind him.

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