Sunday, February 8, 2009

I’m Bodush, me fly.

Picking up some extra supplies, Bodush sets off on horseback after the others.
Pulling his thick travel blanket around him as he rides, he shields himself from the biting wind. It’s nothing compared to what he'd endured as a naked child in the Orcish camps.
Riding at a steady pace, Bodush soon leaves the farmsteads far behind. He rides through the first night and although immobile in the saddle, his eyes are ever vigilant.
Stoping only when necessary, Bodush lets his snake familiar Gajarpan, watch over him while he gets the bare minimum of sleep he needs. He passes through a large forest and is careful to drive off any wild animals he encounters. He is also careful to avoid any of the Sylvian races.
Eventually, after leaving the forest far behind him, he comes to a small camp of Prospector’s cabins. It is by a large stretch of water at the very beginning of the mountain range. Charming the Humans and ignoring the idiot Orc, Bodush learns what he needs to about the, so called ‘Living mountain’. After sharing some food and casting a few spells over himself and his mount, Bodush disappears from sight and flys over the eerily silent mountain.
After landing on the far side of the second watery expanse, Bodush travels on ontil he comes to some ancient stone steps. They are perfectly straight and carved directly into the very montain itself. Weirdly, they don't follow any of the natural paths or lines of weakness.
Reserving his spells for when they might be needed, Bodush pushes his spindly legs upwards.