Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Slog Back in Time

Thesis continues up each unyielding step. His eyes are downcast and he barely registers the Sorcerer Bodush as he catches up.
“Nice armour.” He sniggers as he continues past.
An hour or so later, the Elven Druidess Ned appears before him going in the opposite direction.
“Wha? Ned, Where are you going? Has something happened to the others?”
Ned looks embarrassed for a moment and then answers, “I have a bad feeling about what lies ahead. Death is in the air and I’m just not ready to face it.”
Looking down at the little Elf, Thesis feels a pang of sympathy; Elves are comely but so fragile. It’s hard to believe they live so long.
Ned wishes Thesis luck and tells him that Bodush has caught up with the others and that he’s less than an hour behind.

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