Monday, January 12, 2009

What, No Reward?!

I can't believe that we got no financial reward for saving the Green lady (Younger) or the White lady!
Assuming the party travels back to Seawell unmolested and also assuming any magical items wanted are purchased from the party at the costs listed below, these are our monetary rewards:

Wer: 1x Fiery yellow Corundum (1200gp)/ 1 x orange Spinel (525gp) / 25pp / 16,221gp / 8sp

Thesis: 1x Fiery yellow Corundum (1200gp)/ 1 x Emerald (500 gp) / 25pp / 16,246gp / 8sp

Chen: 2 x Blue Saphire (950gp each) / 25pp / 16,146gp / 8sp

Mendez: 1x Star Ruby (1500gp) / 1 x Demantoid (118gp) / 3 x Chrystolite (50gp each) / 25pp / 16,175gp / 8sp

Durin: 1 x Fiery yellow Corundum (1200gp) / 1 x Fire Opal (800gp) / 14,146gp / 8sp

Bodush: 25pp / 796gp

Ned: Ned risked her life for nothing. That sucks!

Mark this up on your character sheets. Everyone should know exactly how much treasure they have.

All the magic listed below is assumed sold already. If any party member wants anything from it though, declare what you want and deduct the price shown from personal gold. If there is any item wanted by two or more characters, highest bid wins.

Longsword +2/Defending (9,008gp)
Composite Longbow+1Str (+1) +1 (1250gp)
Full plate +3 (Silent Moves) (7,200gp)
Hide armour +1 (582gp)
Shield (heavy,metal) +1 (Bashing) (2085gp )
Shield (heavy,metal) +4 (Ghost touch) (24,585gp)
Shield (heavy,steel) +1 (585gp)
Leather armour +1 (580gp)
Studded leather +3 (Slick) (6,387gp)
Half plate +3 (Fortification, light) (8,375gp)
Bastard sword +1 (1,167gp)
Bastard sword +1 (Defending) (4,175gp)
Dwarven Urgrosh +2 (4,175gp)
Potion: Shield of Faith +2 (25gp)
Potion: Shield of Faith +2 (25gp)
Potion: Hide from Undead (25gp)
Scroll 1: Invisibility (L2,CL3) : (75gp)
Scroll 2: Flaming Sphere (L2,CL3) : (75gp)
Scroll 3: Shocking Grasp (L1,CL1), Mage Armour (L1,CL1), Haste (L3,CL5): (212gp)
Dwarfen waraxe +1 (20ft light radius around axe): (1,165gp)
Bag of Holding (Type 1) :(1,250gp)
Cloak of Elvenkind :(1,250gp)
Potion of moderate healing: (150gp)
Potion of moderate healing: (150gp)


Hedzor said...

Mendez eyes the magic greedily. He would like the Studded leather +3, the Cloak of Elvenkind and the Bag of Holding

Joebroesel said...

What do you mean with "No reward?"?? :) I think the list of identified (!!) objects and the amount of money for every single person is quite impressive ;-) Don't want to spoil you anymore :D

After everybody had a go, Eolar will look at whatever you are carrying before you sell it ;-)

Hedzor said...

Except for poor Ned.
Eolar can keep his hands of our treasure.
No healing, no stealing!

Joebroesel said...

Damn, you are right about Ned.......
Have to think about that one! I completely forgot that she was only there the last time!!

Thanks for the hint ;-)

Charlie Stilton said...

Chen pays off the final installment of 3866.87gp that he owed Bodush. Now Bodush has the total gp value of the Ring of Shokcing Blows paid back to him by Chen.

Being debt free feels good - especially given the enormous haul that we got from the evil Dwarves. I don't think Chen's ever seen so much money at one time!

RoboGeek said...

Thesis looks at his wounds and considers the moment when death was so near. Then looking at the full suite of armour he realises that he cannot possibly pass it up. Thesis requests the full-plate +3.
PS - Great job Kirk - thanks!
PPS :(Posted from a text only browser - hope it works!!)

Insanodag said...

hmm.....Apart from the debt finally being paid back, slim pickings for the ever-absent Bodush....

Hedzor said...

Bodush should really drag himself out of whatever hole he's in.

Moritz Buck said...

I am taking the leather armor ... for +1 AC sake... ;)

Hedzor said...

For the sake of non-halfling discrimination, I'll say you can get a tailor to alter it in Seawell.