Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two’s Company, Twenty One’s a Flock.

It’s a few weeks later when Eolar receives the call he’s been waiting for. He is in Cabal En’s chamber within minutes of the summons.
“That was quick Eolar. Are you in such a hurry to be away from here?”
The old man’s smile disarms any offense.
“As you are well aware from your past exploits, we of the order of St Cuthbert see it as our duty to eradicate Chaos and disorder. We want you to take over a so called temple of Chaos on the boarders of the ‘Forbidden lands’. Not much is known about it other that it promotes both War and Chaos.”
The High priest pauses for a moment and smiles again.
“The council thinks you are the perfect candidate for this mission. No pure cleric could find their way through such difficult terrain or be able to combat such disorder. It is supposedly difficult to access but little is truly known about it as no-one from our Order has been in that region for centuries.”
On noticing that Eolar is no longer smiling, the old priest continues.
“Remember, you will have the now Paladin Elogyn to help you as well as fifteen acolytes. I will even send one of the Cathedral guards to aid you. Brave Cotis has specifically requested he accompanies you and the young priests. You'll also have those two magnificent war horses of yours... And that old mule. If you still feel the need for you ‘friends’ help, the church is prepared to offer a ‘protection’ fee of say five hundred gold coins… each?”

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