Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Mission

While studying the ancient texts in the Cathedral’s private library, Eolar is summoned before the High priest Cabal En.
Entering the grand chamber with his head bowed, Eolar speaks softly, “You called for me your Holiness?”.
“Ah Eolar, come and kneel before me. I wanted to thank you for your part in the rout of the clerics of Hextor. Your combat prowess proved most useful and the young acolytes you led spoke very highly of you.”
Eolar swells with pride as Cabal En continues.
“The problem the council has is that, despite your best efforts, they don’t think you fit very well into this cloistered environment. Perhaps it’s your insistence to further your childhood forest ways. Perhaps your half blood heritage makes it impossible for you to focus fully on the teachings of St Cuthbert?”.
Anger starts to replace the pride Eolar felt moments before.
“Ah Eolar, don’t be upset. I didn’t mean to imply you weren’t worthy. The council simply feels that your talents could be used to better effect. We want you to take the zealot Elogyn, your current students and possibly nine or ten more, and establish your own church in the less established lands.”
Eolar continues to listen and a smile forms on his lips.
“As soon as we discover a suitable area we’ll let you know.”
Eolar retreats backwards from the room and, as soon as he’s out of sight from the old man, the smile turns into a beam. His own church!

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Joebroesel said...

An own church for Eolar? Awesome! I can then invite you all to regular Sunday tea meetings and debates!

Great to get rid of my followers as well :D You 10, clean the church till I'm back and welcome the travelers.....

But as I know you Kirk, this church doesn't come without moral dilemma...... ;-)