Thursday, January 22, 2009

Regarding the Troops

Eolar looked at the group that gathered in front of him in the yard. His six old students were standing on the left. Next to them he could see the ten students Cabal En had sent to meet him. He looked at the list: Adalard, Baltasar, Eckerd, Griswald, Verner, Halag, Kathe, Magnilda and Selma. How should he be able to remember all these names? He looked up. They didn't really look like fighters, except for the one at the back. That must be the young fighter Cabal En was talking about. Cotis was his name. Also not the determined look of an experienced fighter! How should he fulfill his mission with this bunch?
He looked to Elogyn who was standing next to him. "Not really the same fighting power as a group of well trained mercenaries, is it? And from what I could gather from the old reports, that would be what we need to take this church!"
Elogyn looked at the faces of the group. "With St.Cuthbert on our side, we can achieve everything...but I agree, it would be easier with some experienced fighters".

Eolar went over to the group. "Hands up, who has some experience using these weapons you are holding? Yes?" He looked at a taller cleric "Griswald, Master. We all had fighting lessons from Gondart who has taught us how to use the weapon of St.Cuthbert" "Ok, Griswald, step forward and show what old Gondart taught you about mace fighting!"
Griswald moved forward, looking nervously at the others who slowly moved round to form a semi-circle. Some of the old students started smiling and sniggering. Gondart took a classic by-the-book defense position, holding his shield in front and the mace shakily in his right hand. Eolar looked at Elogyn who tried to hide her smile. He feinted twice and then, with a quick movement to the left, disarmed the surprised Gondart. The new students stopped smiling and Eolar could hear them gasp. He looked again at Elogyn "I'll go to the pub and will try to find and convince the others. We need some help!"

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