Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrated Heroes

It was the day of the big celebration! They had spent two relaxing days at the green tower and had been treated like heroes. It seemed as every valley dweller wanted to meet and thank them for their help. But they also sensed the sadness and grief behind the scenes. Most people they had met had lost one or more family members in the fights. Mendez and Durin mostly enjoyed the food and drink that had been available all the time while Chen studied the history of the valley. Ned and Wer could feel the energy of the tower flowing through them, strengthening their powers and had followed the local druids to learn as much as they can.
On Mendez' request, Lorna had sent a group of people to the dwarf's fortress to pick up the belongings they had to leave behind and most importantly recover Telfis' mortal remains. Chen had suggested that the remaining villagers who had accomodated them twice should get the remaining goods and tools to rebuild their village. Lorna also agreed to identify all magic items after Mendez had asked her for help.

They arrived together with all the druids at the centre of the valley where the four paths met two hours before sunset. They had once camped not far from here and were astonished how much the place had changed. While traces of the battle could still be seen in the forests, the simple crossing had disappeared. A large marble-like square had been built out of a hat, surrounded by pillars and covered by a flat stone roof, covered with ornate carvings. The whole structure was tripartite, each part in the colour of the corresponding tower and was obviously designed as a meeting place. Loranna told them that they had decided to rule the valley together from now on so that recent history would not repeat itself. The rulers of the three towers would act as a triumvirate to ensure peace and solve discrepancies. Chen looked surprised "But there is no black ruler I thought?" "True, but sooner or later a worthy successor will emerge and he or she will then be part of this council!"

After the celebrations which went on far into the night, the party left together with Lorna, Loranna and the white lady for the white tower. There was one thing left to do: They had to say good-bye to their friend. They were standing in a circle around the white statue of Telfis near the white tower overlooking the lake and the valley. It was made out of the same white chrystal and even in the night was glowing with a faint white light. They had placed Telfis' body on an altar underneath the statue and one by one had spoken a few words in commemoration. The white lady had sealed the chamber with Tefis' body and the group stayed at the white tower before heading for the valley mouth the next morning, where the two mistresses bid the party farewell. "We are going to hide the entrance for now to keep unwanted visitors outside. You know the way and are always welcome to return. The songs with your names will be heard for a long time within these mountains and don't hesitate to ask for help if in need!" Attired with pride and joined by Feren, the boy they had saved, the heroes left for the village. After a mile of silence, Mendez was the first to ask "How do you think they can hide the whole valley?" Chen just smiled an pointed backwards. All they could see was a mountain range stretching all the way from left to right. "It seems that the illusionary power of the white tower is immense!"

They reached the village a day later and brought Feren to his mother Sibilla who cried in joy. Just before they left, Sibilla handed Chen a longsword wrapped in cloth. "It was the sword of his father. Please take it! He will never be a fighter and I think you or one of your friends can use it to do good. It will be more use in the hands of heroes." After visiting the major and telling him that he needn't worry any more about the wolves they went to the inn "Three Witches" again to stay for the night. The major had asked them to keep the 10000gp they had recovered from the mercenaries. Sitting in the pub and trying to answer all the questions without giving away any information about the valley, they saw the confused hunter coming in "The...the..valley is gone! There is just mountain where the entrance once was" All the people looked surprised at the group. They just smiled at each other "As we said, you don't have to fear the valley anymore. It is gone!"


Joebroesel said...

The longsword you got from Sibilla is +2/Defending (18015gp). If anybody has a request for one of the ladies, please tell me and I'll add the answer to the story. They are very grateful for what you did and already let you take all the magic items with you out of the valley (all identified and I'll post what they are as soon as I'm back in England). But perhaps you have special requests :)

Hedzor said...

Do we really want to take the boy's magical longsword?
It seems wrong to take a family heirloom.
It's no good to any of us anyway. None of us use longswords.
Perhaps we could buy it from them if they'd prefer the money?
Mendez could give them 9,000gp worth of gems. (Resale value.)

Joebroesel said...

Mendez asks Sibilla to buy the sword instead and Sibilla looks almost offended "No, I want to get rid of it. It didn't serve my husband very well and my son will never be able to use it. It is better for us if it's gone and I'm glad to be able to give it into able hands. Take it as a reward for saving my son if you want!"

Joebroesel said...

And for the list of identified items:

Composite Longbow (+1) +1 2500gp
Full plate +3 (Silent Moves) 14400gp
Hide armour +1 1165gp
Shield (heavy,metal) +1 (Bashing) 4170gp
Shield (heavy,metal) +4 (Ghost touch) 49170gp
Shield (heavy,steel) +1 1170gp
Leather armour +1 1160gp
Studded leather +3 (Slick) 12775gp
Half plate +3 (Fortification, light) 16750gp
Bastard sword +1 2335gp
Bastard sword +1 (Defending) 8335gp
Dwarven Urgrosh +2/- 8350gp

The potions:
2x Shield of Faith +2 50gp
Hide from Undead 50gp

If I forgot anything, please let me know!

Hedzor said...

Although from previous sessions, I thought I'd mention:

Dwarfen waraxe (m) +1 (20ft light):2330gp

Bag of holding (What type?):2500gp – 10,000gp

Cloak of Elvenkind :2,500gp

Scroll 1: Invisibility (L2,CL3) : 150gp

Scroll 2: Flaming Sphere (L2,CL3) : 150gp

Scroll 3: Shocking Grasp (L1,CL1), Mage Armour (L1,CL1), Haste (L3,CL5): 425gp

The Composite longbow +1 is only for 12 strength.

Also, I thought there were 2 extra potions?

I'm assuming we can't sell the equipment until we get to Seawell or another city.

Personally, Mendez would like Studded leather armour, the Cloak of Elvenkind and the Bag of holding. (In that order.)

Joebroesel said...

Bag of holding was type I
The longbow was STR+1, was there a typo somewhere or where does the 12 come from?
Just had a look at the potions and I think there were also two medium healing potions (2d8) with the sword in the secret chamber.

And yes, you can sell it when you come back to a town with a blacksmith or something...

Hedzor said...

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds: 300gp
Another Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds: 300gp

(Strength 12 gives a +1 Str bonus. It's the same thing.)