Friday, January 30, 2009


Thesis staggers down the stairs from his room in the Inn. His head's pounding from too much ale the night before. What he needs to alleviate it, is a large plate, piled high with various deep fried meats.
Looking around Thesis is puzzled to see none of his friends, but a few mumbled questions solves the query.
They’ve all left!
Several hours ago!
Without him!
Reassuring himself that it must be an oversight, Thesis stumbles back upstairs to pack his belongings.
After an hour or so, he’s ready to leave. First though he quickly visits the nearest church of Kord. It’s not much of a church, more of a Gym really. Still there's a cleric of greater theological experience than himself.
Thesis is greeted by Nold-Ar, a large muscular man in his late 40’s. “Welcome Thesis. How's the world with you today?”
Thesis explains his situation and his disbelief regarding his friends leaving without him.
“Frankly my boy, I cannot fathom how you put up with the Elf, Eolar and all his holier than thou ways. Doesn’t he make your blood boil?”
Thesis can’t help but agree. Still Eolar is a friend.
“Listen, I happen to know that he's taken a band of St Cuthbertian acolytes up towards the Forbidden lands in the hope of taking over some church of Chaos. I think some of your other friends went along with him. Follow them and if you want. Catch up to them if you can. Remember this though… Do you really want to help Eolar destroy and then take over a church of Chaos? Hell, it might even be one of ours!”


Joebroesel said...

No,no,no! You are not doing this to me!! Let's say it is an evil church, right? More evil than chaotic? Let's make it a church of Hextor!!! :)

Hedzor said...

What's you're problem?
I'll even quote you...
'I never said St.Cuthbert does good or is good.'
You went on to say that you care little for 'Good' or 'Evil', just 'Law' over 'Chaos'.
But seriously, would I do that to you?
... And even if I did, you could take Thesis easy.

Charlie Stilton said...

Ooh... looks like we'll have to take sides. Reminds me of my childhood in the playground!

RoboGeek said...

In-fighting, bitter exchanges, jealousy and down-right bitchiness. We must be in double-figure levels. Good old D&D !