Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Letter of Validation

Mendez dresses and packs quickly but quietly. Leaving the two girls wages and an equal amount again on the bed side dresser, he slips out the door.
At the reception, he orders some breakfeast to be sent to the room with his compliments. He then strides outside and while waiting for his horse, re-reads the letter.

Dear Son Mendez,
Although I disaproved of you leaving for a life of adventure, I have need of your skills now.
A large band of bandits have been raiding the neighbouring farms recently and yesterday we were targeted. Your Uncle Mendoza and some of the farm hands attempted to stop them, but there were too many. Several of our men were killed and your Uncle was lucky to escape with his life.
Please come home as quickly as you can. I have sent Sinbad of the Hampster men in his skyboat to meet you in Seawells main harbour.
Your loving Father,

Mendez stuffs the letter into his shirt as a stable boys leads up his horse. Tossing the boy a gold coin and whistling for his falcon, Mendez spurs on his horse and gallops toward the harbour.


Charlie Stilton said...

Ah... Chen would much rather have gone to help Mendez than go on a religious crusade which he's having a moral dilemma with!

Hedzor said...

I think Chen can relax about the Good/Evil balance.
Being Neutral is more akin to indifference then a rigid view of how things should be.
The Lawful aspect however should appeal to him. Whether in regard to personal control or an ordered society.