Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treasure Update

They were walking away from the small ceremony at Telfis' statue near the white tower when the white lady lead them to one of the lower rooms of the tower. "After the battle we found many items on the yard and the rest of the battlefield. I think it is more than fair that this should be yours as you fought the battle and saved our lives. Take whatever you want. I know it is only a small reward but we hope we can make up for what you did sometime in the future".
The heroes gathered round a few shelves with items and started to have a look:

fancy cloak, silver wolf fur (610 gp)
ancient calendar, embellished with turquoise (729.2 gp)
anklechain, made of wrought silver and gold (181.3 gp)
black velvet mask with numerous citrines (62.9 gp)
gold medallion with a ruby gemstone (1,436.7 gp)
gold platter, beaten and pierced, 2 feet x 1 foot oval (76.6 gp)
miniature scale airship (961.8 gp)
ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and an onyx set above the brow (796.3 gp)
platinum bottle stopper with emerald crown (926.2 gp)
red gold ring, coiled snake with ruby eyes (105.8 gp)
509 pp


Hedzor said...

Silver and gemstones and gold, Oh my!
Mendez is very happy.

Joebroesel said...

Thought Mendez might like that :D

Hedzor said...

So assuming we can sell it in Seawell for a like for like price...
Chen, Ned, Durin and Mendez all get an additional: 127pp, 1,474gp and 2sp each!
We're minted!