Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Year Wiser

We've been adventuring a while now and there have been breaks between adventures, so everyone's character excluding the newcomers Chen and Ned (and obviously not the currently dead Telfis) should age themselves one year.
Also, everyone should have an exact knowledge of how much money they have. If you're not sure, then all you have is your haul from your last adventure.
If you can't keep track of your wealth, neither can your character and they have squandered it away.
I'll be checking on Thursday!
Everyone debit one of the following amounts for living expenses:
Free board and food (e.g. Eolar): 0gp
Frugal living (e.g. Chen): 50gp
Standard adventurer's living (e.g. Thesis): 500gp
Extravagent living (e.g. Mendez): 1000gp
Lastly anyone who wants any of the equipment from the last adventure should make their request on Dungeon Tales before the game tomorrow. It's too late for arguments now, so first come, first get.

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Joebroesel said...

As an add-on to Kirks post:
Not only should you know how much money you have, but also how you carry it!
If you carry it in gold pieces then you have to add the weight of it to your equipment. 1 coin = 0.02lbs (Applies to all coins from copper to platinum)

This means that 100gp weighs already 2 lbs. Because most of us are working near the light-weight-limit, make sure that your gold doesn't push you into medium weight!! Some of us are carrying shitloads of gp! :) And gems can only be bought (value of gem + 5%) in bigger settlements (like Seawell).

Eolar would like the crossbow from Telfis.