Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Half time Experience and Treasure

Everyone's current experience:

Durin: 36,832 xp (Goes up to 9th Level!)

Wer: 40,087xp (Goes up to 9th Level!)

Eolar: 46,442 xp (Goes up to 10th Level!)

Elogyn: 21,511 xp (Goes up to 7th Level!)

Mendez: 48,825 xp (Goes up to 10th Level!)

Telfis: 45,097xp (Goes up to 10th Level!)

Ned: 10,337xp (Goes up to 5th Level!)

Thesis: 34,921 xp (Stays at 8th Level)

Chen Yong: 19,673 xp (Stays at 6th Level)

Bodush: 37,576 xp (Stays at 9th Level!)

Kruddo: 17,668 xp (Stays at 6th Level)

(Everyone should be happy apart from Chen and Thesis. Sorry boys but you're both so close.)


From Muggers:

From Chain Devil:
Slippers of Spider climbing!

From Dead Adventurers:
Magic LargeShield
Magic Long Sword
Magic War Axe
Magic Longspear
(Rather than pay, you can probably guess the enchantment bonus.)
MWKs Battle axe
MWKs Full plate
MWKs LargeShieldx2
MWKs Leather armour
Arcane Scroll:

Reward for rescuing the hostages: 1,200 gp
Reward for killing Boscorm: 2,000 gp
Reward from Boscorm: 5,000gp


Joebroesel said...

Slippers......???? Why not nice leather boots of Spider climb?? Eolar can't wear slippers! ;-)

But hey, a second level paladin for Elogyn! :) And I think it's time to level the cleric again for Eolar. Some people just can't stop taking damage!!

RoboGeek said...

Didn't advance, never mind. Hope there is just enough to get Thesis and Chen through in the remaining episode.

Hedzor said...

Sorry Assif.
Chen and Thesis will definitely go up a level, next time they adventure.
I feel bad I couldn't stretch the experience any further.

Charlie Stilton said...

No worries on the level front - I'm just happy with what I've got! Self-healing is just around the next corner!

If no-one else is man enough to wear girly slippers... :-p

RoboGeek said...

Well there are so many of us and we only really accounted for 2 "real" monsters and a few zomboids. I personally think I should get about 1500 extra XP for playing to my character and using my strength abilities to break a door and save the hapless Telfis!!

Joebroesel said...

Well, that would mean that Eolar/Elogyn should get way more for creating zombie-dust! :)
It was even a good thing for the zombies....they didn't have to face a money-mad, raging dwarf :D

Hedzor said...

Experience bonuses were awarded for several things.
(Including the heroic smashing down of a reinforced door!)

Cynan said...

uhu level! great, thx kirk for posting this.
however, for the protocol, it was not me who insisted on having this posted now.
i am a very modest fellow!

Hedzor said...

Everyone who went up a level please role for HPs in front of a non-bribable witness.

Moritz Buck said...

non, bribeable,,,, like ME! :)

I'd also take the slippers.... they look good on me! :P

Hedzor said...

Talk to Sven about who can have what.
We are trying to be fairer and more organised with the division of treasure and magic.
All the magic armour and weapons are just +1 and the scroll has 3 Arcane spells written on it.
Anyone who can read magic can see they are:
Phantom steed, Leomunds tiny hut and Blink (All 5th level)

Joebroesel said...

A while ago we agreed on the following system:

1. We calculate (i.e. usually I calculate) the gp that the whole stuff is worth and divide it by the number of players.
This is the amount everybody gets!

2. If you want a magic item, you can pay for it with the money you then have (i'll post the prices I've used when calculating)

3. if 2 or more people want the same item, they can bid for it. Whoever wins at the end gets it and the excess money paid (above the standard price) is again divided and added to everybody's allotment.

This means that it's easy to divide the loot and if your character took an item, he/she paid the group for it.

Hedzor said...

Once everyone who's levelled up has finished revising their character sheets...
(Especially Ned and Wer.)

Joebroesel said...

Almost forgot to calculate the stuff!

Here are the prices I've used if anyone wants to take something:

Large Shield +1 - 1170gp
Longsword +1 - 2315gp
War Axe +1 - 2330gp
Longspear +1 - 2305gp
Slippers - 4800gp

Battle Axe - 155gp
Full Plate - 825gp
Shield (Steel/heavy) - 85gp
Leather - 80gp

This means everybody who was there (Eolar, Telfis, Thesis, Durin, Ned, Wer) are getting 3749.25gp each.

If you want to keep any of the items above, announce it here and if nobody challenges you on that item you can deduct the amount from your share.

Joebroesel said...

Ah, and Eolar would like to take the shield +1!

Hedzor said...

There shouldn't be an argument.
No-one other than Eolar can use it.
As for the slippers; 'Someone' is going to have to borrow some more gold!

Charlie Stilton said...

Damn! I miss out on all the treasure because of a work trip! How unfair - I shall have to talk with my project leader about compensation!

Well, since I earn no money this time, and am still in debt to Bodush I shall have to leave the bidding for the slippers :-(

Joebroesel said...

Have to correct myself! Somehow forgot that Chen was there the first evening and then vanished under mysterious circumstances :)

The prices stay of course the same! Here is the corrected share:

Eolar,Wer,Durin,Telfis,Ned and Thesis: 3408.88gp
Chen: 2042.21gp

(All the items were collected the first night, the quests we got the money for were completed the second night). And I can see a bidding war for the slippers coming up ;-)

Hedzor said...

If in doubt, refer back to the 'Old banners' section.

RoboGeek said...

Thesis would like to take the shield+1 and longsword+1
This is so I can take the option of going into a fight better protected with the loss of damage ability
If Eolar is OK with this (as he wanted the shield too) then it will affect how I level up the character too (after Kirk's adv.) as I will take a level in fighter and a weapon focus(longsword) feat.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar hands the shield over to Thesis. A shield on a fighter might mean less healing duties in the future ;-)

RoboGeek said...

Thesis tries out the shield and sword, but decides that he is a lot more effective swinging his Greatsword, and hopes Eolar will watch out for him. Maybe he can find better armour instead?

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar took the shield. Doesn't fit a cleric he thinks, but neither do scars :)