Monday, September 29, 2008

Killing People and Taking their Stuff

It takes Mendez a few minutes to find a climbable route and he clambers back up to the path ten minutes later.
The Bandits are all distracted and squabbling over the bulging saddlebags filled with gold coins.
With Longbow in hand, Mendez walks to within thirty feet of them and coughs to get their attention. When they fail to respond, he coughs a little louder.
The Bandits spin around, crossbows still on the floor where they were dropped.
The Bandit leader licks his lips; still it’s six against one…
Trying to control his temper, Mendez shouts out; “Why did you kill the old man?”
The leader of the Bandits glances at his crossbow before answering; “How else is a man to get rich, but to kill another and to take their stuff?”
Mendez shakes his head, “There has to be a better way.”
Before he finishes talking however, the Bandits dive for their weapons.
Three are dead before they even hit the floor, the other three before they can turn and return fire.
Mendez sighs deeply as he walks over to their dead bodies.
He resignedly searches the Bandits corpses and takes their stuff. He then takes Garris’ gold filled saddlebags and hefts them over his shoulders.
Garris had told him he had no family and had made no requests…
Mendez sighs again. Money seems to find him no matter where he goes.

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