Monday, September 15, 2008

All’s not Well in Seawell

The Adventurers mill around Seawell with mixed feeling concerning recent events.
Rather than setting the world to right, they seem to be the cause of as much evil as good.
The news has just reached town of the death of the Duke of a nearby territory and his entire family. No one seems to know the exact cause, but the adventurers have a sinking feeling of responsibility.
Add this to the fiasco with the Baron of Seawell itself and the whole region has become politically unsound.
The unpopular Baron was driven out or killed by unknown assailants. His Daughter and heir has also disappeared.
Normally this would be a minor problem, except for the recent execution of the last Mayor and the suspicious, some would say ‘rigged’, election of the current one; Mayor Parsons.
Some people are saying that the secretive ‘Thieves guild’ has gained control of the town and are running it to their own ends.
Also, both the major churches in Seawell have been actively seeking greater power and authority. The Church of St Cuthbert and the Church of Hextor. Ironically, this has led to the further breakdown of order.
Looting continues throughout the town and the city guard are stretched dangerously thin.

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Insanodag said...

Bodush expects nothing less than the total annihilation of the church of Hextor!

Unfortunately, he will be occupying himself with very important magical research.

General destruction of the Cuthbertites would be nice, but its probably not going to happen.

Charlie Stilton said...

Surely you can't be setting us up to right our wrongs?

Knowing what happens every time we try to do good that can't end well...

Maybe we should change tack - try to be evil... ;-)

Hedzor said...

Lawful Evil?
Then Chen would be the exact opposite of Mendez!

Cynan said...

did you people realize that poor telfis who is always wrongly accused of having a shifty character is the only one with a completely clean slate!

Charlie Stilton said...

Well, I was kind of hoping we could just reverse psychology on fate...

We'll pretend to be evil, but because that's the only way we can actually do any good!

Like the way our best intentions end up in death and detruction, but in reverse?!

Cynan said...

chen shouldn't worry but just turn to telfis for spiritual guidance. trust me