Friday, September 5, 2008

The Great Duke and Moll Experience Swindle

This is where we all are:

Chen Yong: 16,236 xp (Goes up to 6th Level!)

Bodush: 37,576 xp (Goes up to 9th Level!)

Durin: 31,495 xp (Goes up to 8th Level!)

Wer: 35,250xp (Stays at 8th Level... Just)

Eolar: 41,855 xp (Stays at 9th Level)

Elogyn: 18,486 xp (Stays at 6th Level)

Mendez: 43,599 xp (Stays at 9th Level)

Kruddo: 17,668 xp (Stays at 6th Level)

Thesis: 30,593 xp (Stays at 8th Level)

Telfis: 40,260xp (Goes up to 9th Level!)

(Telfis also gets: 6,925gp)


Charlie Stilton said...

Brilliant! Quick work on all the calculations Paul. Now I need to choose my bonus feat VERY wisely, I think... :-)

Hedzor said...

Chen gets two feats this level.
'Improved Disarm' or 'Improved Trip' and anything else you want.
Have you got 'Spring attack' yet?

Charlie Stilton said...

I've taken the Improved Trip, and might swap my Kama for a Sai which opens up the basic Disarm avenue too - nice to have extra tools for the job. Pretty sure bonus feat will be Spring Attack, but just looking around now!

Maybe I'll take 'Run' instead... :-P

Joebroesel said...

To be correct:
Eolar has only 41,855 because he brew 2 potions (- 2 x 30XP)