Friday, September 5, 2008

Dreams of Rain and Gold

Thesis curses under his breath once more. It is too damned hot to even sleep here.
When he finally does go off, his dreams are filled with orcs and goblins, their rusted armour mixing with the mud as they lay dead - cut to pieces with axe and sword. The rain lashes and bites into his wounds but it all seems worth it when they find yet more shiny jewels and coins of gold and silver.

He wakes up suddenly and realises he must journey back. It will take him some months, but his decision is made. Maybe he can even find some of his old traveling companions - if they haven't been killed or become too rich to bother adventuring anymore. What would really annoy him though is the thought that they may come across a hoard of magical items and be showing them off when he returned with his couple of crappy potions.

hope you all had fun last night and managed to buy loads of cool magic items you will want to give Thesis when you see him next ;-D

1 comment:

Hedzor said...

We actually didn't get that much. Almost everything was beyond our budgets.
Mendez did get to upgrade his sword a little and purchased a minor ring of protection.