Friday, September 5, 2008


Wood Bandits:
- Larissa's payment: 7 moss opals (green), 906gp each
- 4 Bastard swords
- 4 Chainmal shirts
- 4 Repeating Crossbows (Heavy)
- 4 Sudded Leather

- 1 Bastard sword
- 1 Repeating crossbow
- 1 Bag of Tricks (Gray)
- Incriminating key ring

Vengeance Squad
- 2 Bastard swords
- 2 Chainmail
- 2 Repeating crossbows
- 2 Studded Leather
- 1 Short sword
- 1 short sword + 2
- Larissa's payment: 5 yellow spinel (846.4 gp each)


Charlie Stilton said...

I give my share straight to Bodush...

Joebroesel said...

Ok, here we go:

1. Evening (Mendez,Bodush,Wer,Eolar):

280gp each
7 moss opals

2. Evening (Mendez,Chen,Durin,Eolar):

2423.13gp each
5 yellow spinel

This is under the assumption that we can sell the bag and the sword 1:1 to a local trader of somebody from the party buys it out.

This means in total (with an even split of gems):

Eolar: 1747.83gp + 1 moss opal + 2 yellow spinels
Mendez: 1688.23gp + 2 moss opals + 1 yellow spinel
Chen: 1634.73gp + 1 yellow spinel
Durin: 1634.73gp + 1 yellow spinel
Wer: 53.5gp + 2 moss opals
Bodush: 53.5gp + 2 moss opals

If you want the bag (900gp) or the sword +2 (8010gp), you have to deduct the money from your share (and borrow money from others in case of the sword ;-) )

Joebroesel said...

Ah, and if you want one of the other items, you have to deduct 50% of the original price from your share (e.g. repeating crossbow = 200gp)

After receiving the money from the merchant, he turns round and pays back his debts to Mendez (887gp), Chen (304gp) and Durin (?) and thanks them for their trust and their help!

Joebroesel said...

And it should read in the main comment:

[...]1:1 to a local trader OR somebody from the party buys it out.

TieDye said...

I don't think Eolar borrowed any money from Durin, and I'll be glad to deduct 200 gp from my share to get one of the repeating crossbows.

Hedzor said...

Mendez, surprised and embarrassed by Eolar's quick and unexpected repayment, put's in the money for the 'Bag of tricks'.

This means that (including Eolars repayment) Mendez is 1675.23gp richer. (+2 moss opals + 1 yellow spinel + Gray Bag of tricks)

Thanks Sven for working this out.

Charlie Stilton said...
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Charlie Stilton said...


Actually - before giving everything to Bodush!

I use 301gp to purchase a masterwork Sai, leaving me with 1332.73 + 1 yellow spinel (846.4).

I give all of this to Bodush, thus reducing my debt to:

7000-1332.73-846.4 = 4820.87gp!

Insanodag said...

Did I mention the interest rate?

...or my cousin Vinnie?

Hedzor said...

Did Wer or Bodush buy anything from the Caravan of slightly too expensive magical items?

Insanodag said...

Bodush bought Ring of Petty Vengeance and The Wand of Major Image

Hedzor said...

Oh no he didn't!
Mendez got the 'Ring of petty vengeance'.
Talk to Paul.
Although Mendez will be happy to sell it to Bodush if he ever finds a prettier magic ring.

Hedzor said...

Has Chen included Eolar's repayment of 304gp in his calculations?

Charlie Stilton said...

Bugger - no I didn't!
Dag/Bodush - have another 304!
Leaves me with 4820.87-304=4516.87 to pay back.