Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mendez likes the Birds

Mendez walks the remainder of the way to Redford and books himself into the better of the two Inns.
After a simple but delicious meal, he retires back to his room.
The amount of gold that Garris was carrying is impressive. Mendez could afford to stay, drink and eat in this Inn for years!
Still, what’s gold without companionship?
Pulling out a quill and parchment, Mendez begins to write…

Dear Father,
I find myself temporarily separated from my friends and missing my family.
Would you send me one of your trained hunting Falcons as a reminder of home?
Please send Razor. Although he isn’t the biggest or the strongest, he is the fastest and by far the most beautiful.
Give my love to my Mother and Sister and get Sancho to check regularly on Zia.
Your loving son,

Sliding it into an envelope, he calls one of the servants to organise the delivery. The boy seems delighted when Mendez tells him to keep the change.


Joebroesel said...

Ah, trying to catch up to Eolar to become ranger number one again? ;-)

Hedzor said...

I'm just one level from Awesome!