Wednesday, October 15, 2008

End of Days Experience and Treasure

Everyone's current experience:

Thesis: 38,118 xp (Goes up to 9th Level!)

Chen Yong: 22,940 xp (Goes up to 7th Level!)

Durin: 40,099 xp (Stays at 9th Level)

Wer: 43,354xp (Stays at 9th Level)

Eolar: 49,709 xp (Stays at 10th Level)

Elogyn: 23,798 xp (Stays at 7th Level)

Ned: 13,604xp (Stays at 5th Level)

Telfis: 45,097xp (Stays at 10th Level)

Bodush: 37,576 xp (Stays at 9th Level)

Mendez: 52,419 xp (Stays at 10th Level)

Kruddo: 17,668 xp (Stays at 6th Level)

As expected, only Chen and Thesis went up a level. (Wer and Ned are very close though.)


From the treasure chest dug up from the courtyard:


(Mayor Parsons is obviously surprised by the amount, but is too relieved to be still alive to voice an objection.)


Charlie Stilton said...

Thanks Kirk - quick work!
And with my share of the 25K I should be able to buy those nice Slippers without having to enter into any more debt!

(Just please don't tell Bodush I bought something instead of paying him back!)

Joebroesel said...

So that means 4166.67gp per person! For the slippers I guess you have to bid with Moritz. He was also interested!

Great adventure Kirk! Undead dust everywhere and some new chains to lock the front gate ;-) And surprisingly much money :D

And I have 2 more weeks to create monsters for my adventure. A few more dragons here and there can't hurt ;-)

Hedzor said...

I don't mind facing
'A few more dragons here and there THAT can't hurt.'

RoboGeek said...

Got to have a way of spending some of this money now --- or I might just buy a chest a shovel and a piece of parchment on which to draw a map.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar is just on the way to the dwarf shop that sells all these nice and most importanly very light gems. Want to come with me?

Kirk, did we finally drop the 5% rule? I still think it's a good idea as the advantages of having gems is quite big, weight-wise. But I would say you have to pay 5% commission to the dwarf in order to get them. This way it's easier to use them as currency. So to get a 1000gp ruby you have to spend 1050gp and afterwards can use them like money.

Hedzor said...


RoboGeek said...

Yes, most of the rest of my money is in gems and platinum. The last lot and this one is still in "gold" though. I have an enduring worry though - namely that if I keep everything in gems on me I'm going to get robbed at some point - at least I could use it for a while if it was a magic item.

But for now, I shall convert (with 5% commission)