Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taking it on the Chen

It’s early the next day when the Party returns to the Mayor’s house to dig up Boscorms treasure.
Most everyone had been seriously hurt. The Monk Chen would have surely died if not for the timely and brave intervention of Eolar.
The house looks remarkably undamaged and it would be hard to believe that a battle against a cadre of devils had just been fought scant hours ago.
All the devils evaporated shortly after they were killed and the Chain golem resembles nothing more sinister than an inanimate pile of chains.
Durin and Thesis do the digging while the other look on.
After about twenty minutes Durin’s spade hits something hard. Thesis jumps down into the hole and hauls out a sizable chest.
Breaking the lock open, they all stare for a moment. Twenty five thousand gold pieces and all of it theirs!
Mayor Parsons scowls a little but has the grace to try to hide it.
Elogyn though is just happy in the knowledge that she and Eolar have done this city a good service and helped uphold the law.


Charlie Stilton said...

But who was the baddie who commanded the chain devil...? I like the way this is left open with a sinister puppeteer still in the background...

Also - what has happened to Boscorm now? I still don't know since I was 'esorting hostages to safety' last time!

Hedzor said...

The Party had Boscorm resurrected by the Clerics of St Cuthbert. He was taken away to recover and to consult with Cabal En (The Head Cleric) on how best to restore order in Seawell.
He surprisingly turned out not to be evil.
(Although not necessarily good.)

RoboGeek said...

New banner up!

From the DTArt website
"Chen - heroic monk down to -10HP. Pretty girls tortured by manically laughing devils. Clerics and druids in the thick of fighting. And all hell let loose in a rather nice country residence. An awesome horror move of an adventure, complete with the obligatory final surprise from the nasty everyone thought was dead."