Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An ode to Bodush and Eolar

affront ahead
after sneaking behind
to turn to dust
undead without mind

the sorcerers wrath
burning flame and blast
shook off and returned
with a mace and a laugh

what next?
what ingenous device
to mame and vex
these feuders devise?


Insanodag said...

I think this all assumes that Bodush will use mundane human corpses for his zombies. In fact, Bodush is planning on visiting his old friend Bob the Giant Crocodile Breeder for some giant crocodile carcasses, which he will then animate to create Giant Crocodile Zombies(which have 14 HD and are quite tricky to turn for a level 6 cleric.).

He will then turn invisible and fly away.

Hedzor said...

You're a-muse-ing