Friday, October 17, 2008

The Seawell Times

Mayor Parsons was discovered dead this morning by one of his servants.
Nobody knows exactly how the tragedy occurred, but bizarrely he was somehow strangled with his own ceremonial chain of office.
His body was discovered in the early hours in the walled garden of the Mayoral house.
Oddly, it seems that he was digging up the courtyard as he was found covered in mud with a spade in his hand and surrounded by deep holes in the ground.
Mayor Parsons was also attacked several days ago but was saved by the same group of adventurers that had destroyed the zombie infestation of the city prison cells and rescued several of the cities charitable young women.
Many suspected Mayor Parsons of being in the pocket of the shadowy ‘Thieves guild’.
This leaves the position of Mayor open again after the execution of popular past Mayor Boscorm.

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