Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bodush learns a new trick

Bodush hoped that his host would not notice just how uncomfortable the smell in the room made him. While he had the greatest appreciation for why the hooded figure preferred to be underground, he wished that he had not picked such a particular damp area of the underdark to conduct his studies

Well, young Bodush”, the figure whispered, “It seems that you may be ready to attempt the spell yourself now. While sorcery such as ours depend on the personal power of the sorcerer, rather than the book-learning of wizards, the writings of ancient Theynar do contain considerable insight. I would even go as far as saying that when it comes to the art of necromancy, none could surpass them.

Bodush swallowed and nodded. He looked down at the decaying body on the slab in front of them. He opened his mouth and started a low, guttural chant. His mind was reaching out, calling up the power of the shadow, the plane of negative energy, the source of death, just like his host had shown him. He felt strange, his body feeling limp, as if his very life was giving way to the force he was wielding.

As he continued his chant, his hands motioned slowly over the face of the dead orc.

Very Good! Keep going!” His host kept encouraging him, as the dead orc started twitching.

Bodush strained, feeling an alien presence within the orc, trying to break free. He focused his mind, mentally locking the body into place, making it nothing more than an extension of himself.

Bodush grinned as he growled 'Get up', in orcish. The zombie rose from the slab, and stood in front of him, almost as if to attention.

Bodush made a dismissing gesture, and the orc collapsed to the ground. “Not bad, for a first attempt?” He turned to his host.

No, young Bodush. Not bad at all. But there is more power within the dark arts of Theynar than you can imagine.The powers of the Imperial line of Theynar was immense, their infernal blood strengthened through generations of incestous marriage The dread tome of Zhuanol Oloth, contained knowledge beyond any living man.

Bodush found himself smiling despite himself “Living, you say?”.

His host shrugged, “...and me as well, I am afraid. The tome is lost forever, destroyed in the madness that is the forbidden lands.

Bodush looked down at the corpse in front of him. He was content with this spell, for now.


Hedzor said...

I feel Orcish genocide looming...

Charlie Stilton said...

I know he likes killing Orcs, but reviving them as zombies just to kill them again...?!

Hedzor said...

Bodush'll probably use them to kill living Orcs.

Joebroesel said...

That would mean fun for Bodush and Eolar at the same time :) Great! He can kill them, raise them and Eolar turns them. It's like a party game :D

Hedzor said...

Orcish to Orcish.
Dust to dust.

TieDye said...

I'm just curious - how is necromancy not considered evil? I hope I'm just being prejudiced, but unless Bodush will be changing his alignment to evil, this could get weird...

Insanodag said...

Necromancy is not about good or evil. Necromancy is about aesthetics.