Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It was a nice and sunny day in the valley. She was walking in her woods to refresh her power. She knew that the time it took to refresh her energy got longer and longer. Her power slowly faded. She could feel it more and more and it was crucial that her daughter got strong enough to take over.
Some of her animals watched curiously how she changed and, beating her wings, started to head east. It would be chaos if her kingdom fell. She could feel other powers growing even now. Long ago it was the three towers ruling the valley to equal parts and since the lady of the black tower left to the north, the power was divided between the two remaining ones. But things changed. She could feel a dark power rising in the valley. Packs of wolves are roaming her forests defying her control. And the wolves are not the only threat to the balance of power. There were other, darker creatures amongst them.

Something has to be done. The old bonds have to be strengthened once again to face and scotch the rising powers before it's too late. She reached the lake that encloses the white tower. It was centuries she had been that close and the energy radiating from it weakened her power. They hadn't met for a long time and it was reassuring now that the white power was still strong. If the white lady would have left as well, the power of the remaining tower wouldn't have been strong enough to face the rising darkness.
She had proposed to meet on neutral ground but the white lady didn't answer. That was not like her. Since the three towers existed, the wielder of the corresponding powers respected each other. Sometimes only out of necessity as an imbalance of power would mean destabilisation. Since the time where only two powers remained, the bond grew stronger and could even be called friendly at certain times.

Back on the ground she could feel it. A strange power mixed into the familiar energy of her counterpart. Something was wrong, but she couldn't risk getting closer without losing her powers. The white lady must be able to sense her and by know she would normally have come out. This was not at all like her but the old lady wasn't in a position to investigate this mystery.

She started to change again to make her way back. Now she was really worried! With her powers fading, the white lady not responding and the new, unknown power getting stronger, hope was fading. If only she would know where her daughter was. Together they could perhaps stand a chance. Her only hope was that her daughter didn't get caught or killed by the dark creatures after she left following a fierce argument. This would mean the end to the valley as it was now for thousands of years. She has to renew old bonds and gather new allies or the valley would fall into darkness.


Hedzor said...

Is she the mistress of the 'Grey' tower?
A force for good?
Mendez will happily help.

Joebroesel said...

She lives in the emerald tower (as compared to the obsidian and crystal tower of the other two)

Force for good? Not really....
You could call her neutral I guess.

Helping her? She would be grateful I guess :)

Hedzor said...

Be fair.
Wasn't my last adventure sans too many moral dilemmas for Eolar?

Joebroesel said...

Yes it was, and I'm very grateful for that :)
I think there are no moral dilemmas in my adventure, the future of the universe just depends on which side you choose. But every outcome can be somehow justified :D

Hedzor said...

Post rationalisation is always comforting.