Monday, June 9, 2008


Ignoring issues of morality and higher purpose, Bodush gets to work. He lays out some of the items that they found in front of him, and starts his ritual. Selflessly, he dissolves pearls worth hundreds of goldpieces as he examines the items. Hours later, he stands up again and laboriously produces and invoice for the loss of his pearls.

Right, thanks to my extensive and not to mention expensive use of Divination magics, I have discerned the true nature of these items:

"We have a Full Plate armour and a tower shield, both with minor enchantments on them (+1), but considering the usefulness of the items in and of themselves, they should be quite handy.

The bag is a fine specimen, capable of holding about 500 pounds of weight in a 70 cubic feet space. Should be handy...

There is also a healing potion of moderate strenght, as well as a potion which would have come in handy at Mount Snaefang. Now, I would like to point out that this particular knowledge came at a price, specifically at 500 gold pieces worth of pearls."


Insanodag said...

So Bodush is expecting some renumeration...

Hedzor said...

Just to keep my records straight can you let me know who has what?

Full Plate armour +1
Tower shield +1
Bag of holding
Potion of Cure moderate wounds
Potion of Endure elements
Headband of Intellect+6
Murlynds Spoon
Potion of Bulls Strength +4
Potion of Barkskin +2

And were any ‘charge’ items, scrolls or potions used?

Also: :D

Joebroesel said...

As I can't use all the armour, I would be interested in the bag of holding. Have to calculate if my mule fits in there :D

And I took the potion of Barkskin last time.

Joebroesel said...

What type of bag is it? How big?

Joebroesel said...

Ok, no objection, so Eolar takes the bag and pays Bodush 100gp and a drink for his expenses and effort!