Monday, June 9, 2008

Apparently you Can Cross the Same River Twice

As they walk, Telfis looks around him and feels annoyed.
Why can’t the others leave things well enough alone? That whole battle had gained them very little.
Bailey might even have become a useful associate.
The group he joined just a few months back has grown. Initially it was just Eolar, Wer, Bodush and the scary looking Thesis.
Since then, Mendez, Kruddo and Durin had joined them and now this cosseted, naive Monk, Chen Yong.
Mendez and Wer are off on their own adventures but are sure to be back soon.
Is working in such a cumbersome group really where he wants to be?
After a day they get to the river. It’s swollen with the coming of spring and it’s now about 50’ across and too deep and fast flowing to ford.
Fortunately someone has left a simple flat-bottomed barge here. It is fixed to a rope and pulley system so you can move the barge from either side or even while onboard.
There is a sign in Common demanding a toll of 10 silver pieces, but there’s no one to collect it.
Eolar loads up the cart and his stubborn mule and they all manage to cross together.
Thesis and Durin easily heave the barge to the other side.
They walk for another two days until they finally make it back to Seawell.
Telfis had forgotten how badly it smelled.


Joebroesel said...

Ok, I guess we start from Seawell again and should do all errands before Thursday?

So who can we meet in Seawell?
- A traveling tradesmen with some magic stuff (DMs choice/roll)?
- Somebody who can do MWK stuff (armour/weapons)?
- Some weird looking person selling special materials (darkwood, etc)?
- Dwarfs selling jewels/gems?
- A hidden hut that can only be seen by some people (and just disappears on a regular basis) selling spell ingredients and scrolls/potions?

If somebody wants holy water, I can get that for free from the church.

Hedzor said...

There are skilled blacksmiths and armourers though who will sell any standard weapons and armour you require including Masterworks quality.
'Darkwood' maybe?
Exchanging gold for gems?
Yes, jewellers will do it at a value equal value to gold minus 5%

And speaking of the Church....