Thursday, January 31, 2008


Eolar is sitting on an old stump near the eastern gate of the gnome hamlet. The sun is just about to set and he is looking out over the fields surrounding the settlement. The gnomes are very grateful and their hospitality outstanding. Eolar hasn't met many gnomes before and takes this chance to study their culture and their religion with great interest. They don't seem to be a deeply religious race and only seem to follow the gods of nature from time to time. Despite this, they are simple farmers and should be susceptible to a more organized religion. It is worth a try.
He makes a last note about this and again looks out over the fields. It is almost dark now and the muffled sounds from yet another celebration float through the air. Just loud enough to hear another attempt of the newly declared bard Telfis to please his audience. A subtle smile crept over his face listening to the groaning from the nearby huts. The young bard still has much to learn.
Eolar picks up the bow they took from the captured orc. A fine piece of woodwork, way too intricately crafted for orcish hands. He wonders where they stole it from. Perhaps another elvish family they killed in a raid. Memories of his childhood surface in his mind. The wooden tree house, his mother getting fresh water from the small stream next to their place, the orc raiding party.......
It takes Eolar a few minutes to fight the anger that is rising again. After all these years of training, controlling these strong emotions still proves difficult. The gnomes expect another attack after the orc "foragers" didn't return to their camp. He draws the bow and aims into the night. He is going to get his revenge for what they did to his mother. This bow will be of good use.
He murmurs a few words to bless it and get's up to head back into the hamlet. It is time to speak to Rojo about his clan and their camp! Eolar prepares the 'Zone of Truth' spell in his mind. He is sure that Bodush is willing to help if the orc decides not to speak....


Hedzor said...

Surprisingly the bow has been well looked after.
Rojo obviously took pride in it and kept it clean and regularly oiled.
It was made by a master craftsman but Eolar can't tell if it was by Man or Elf.
Equally interesting are the 8 magical arrows he had alongside the normal ones.

Joebroesel said...

The +2 for the arrows is damage?
Or to hit?
Do you want to do the interrogation of Rojo online or next time we meet? Same question for the scouting...

Hedzor said...

+2 for both you lucky Elf!
Let me think about it.
During game time.