Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Experience at Gnome Hamlet

Thesis: 10,180 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)
Eolar: 8,639 xp (4th level)
Telfis: 7,699 xp (4th level)
Bodush: 6,944 xp (Went up to 4th level)
Wer: 6,794 xp (Went up to 4th level)
Kruddo: 5,349 xp (3rd level)
Durin: 3,914 xp (Went up to 3rd level)

Bodush, Wer and and Durin gained a level during the adventure.
Thesis squeaks up to 5th!
Only poor Eolar hasn’t risen during the last two sessions.
Better luck in two weeks!

Please send me Bodush’s, Thesis’ (and of course) WER’s revised character sheets.


RoboGeek said...

(BTW - Is there really any point in asking for Wer's sheet?? ... I'll hit you with my heeed!)

Joebroesel said...

We seriously have to think about better Monsters, or the next levelling is going to take me 6 months! ;-)
I think I'm one evening away from level 5, but to get the 6000 XP to level 6, it would take me 10 weeks with the current speed.
An option would be to give more reward to role-playing, non-combat interactions or decisions in battle.
Just an idea as I don't know if we can increase the XP by introducing bigger monsters as we all die then :)

Hedzor said...

Better monsters?
I promise Eolar will go up next level...
Assuming he survives!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar is protected by divine powers you can just start to imagine! St. Cuthbert protects the faithful and crushes everybody who goes against him! It takes more than a few orcs and ogres to harm me!
My path lies clearly in front of me and is lit by divine light. :)

Insanodag said...

While St. Cuthbert is most certainly of the interventionist persuasion, he is not a match for the power of the mighty Gruumsh...

Insanodag said...

To stay on topic, I don't think making the monsters tougher would be a problem. While my feud with the Aranea was getting close to an unfortunate ending for a while there, we managed to get through the last encounter without any problem whatsoever.

We were a large party, with three frontline fighters(ok, two and a half)and 4 sundries, which could(with some thought) take on most things.

Hedzor said...

In my experience, it's not so much the toughness of your opposition, but their organisation.
In the three Aranea encounters, the first was effectively caught by surprise and easily defeated. The second had expected and planed for the encounter and very nearly defeated you all.
The third encounter was an opportunist attack from behind and she caused you serious problems and would have escaped if not for Wer's entangle spell.
Admittedly, the addition of the two dwarves has dramatically changed the encounter dynamic, but don't get too cocky.