Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HPs, Arrows and Bolts (Again.)

I'm still waiting for:
Telfis. Thanks for the revised character sheet. (I still need to know if any damage taken)
Kruddo: New hit points plus Arrows/Bolts and damage taken.
Wer. I need your character sheet. (Although I trust you completely, do one and send it over.)
Include: Damage taken and how many sling stones used.
Thanks to everyone else.


Cynan said...

i don't do taking damage. =)

Hedzor said...

So that just leaves Kruddo and Wer.
Character sheets and damage etc. please.

Hedzor said...

Thanks Philippe.
Just Moritz to still respond.
Today please.

Hedzor said...

Wer's Moritz?
You'd think he's have come in at least once in the last two weeks.

Hedzor said...

Thanks Moritz!