Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Celebration Feast

The Gnome farmers carry away the bodies of the dead Orcs. Bodush making sure that none recover except the gravely injured leader; Rojo.
Rojo is dragged to an empty food store and tethered securely.
Eolar heals the few injuries that the party sustained, but only Durin was seriously wounded when he was struck twice by the huge Ogre’s greatclub.
After the victory, the Gnome elders, women and children rush out to thank the adventurers and a feast in their honour is quickly organised.
The villagers weren’t lying about their food shortages, but there’s enough to make a passable celebration. Coloured ribbons are strung around poles and draped from borrow to borrow. One of the older Gnomes brings out a mandolin and starts to play. Telfis gleefully pulls out his fife and joins in. Despite Telfis’ poor skill with it, everyone feels uplifted.
Ale and wine are brought forth as well as sweet breads and small candies for the children.
Two of Bernardo’s Children rush up to Durin.
“We’re happy that you managed to stay alive, even though that means we don’t get to look after your grave.” The smaller one pipes in, “Maybe even happier?”
The Gnomes who fought are all treated with the same regard as the adventures. Heroes to their people.
As the night draws on, Petra, the village elder and leader moves over to the party.
“We are all so grateful for your aid. We would be either dead or starving if your hearts weren’t so full of courage and kindness. I’m afraid that this isn’t the end though. The Orc war band is lead by a cunning brute called Calvera. When his men don’t return with our crops in the next few days, he’ll know something’s happened and he’ll send more warriors to find out what. We have possibly a week before that happens. Will you stay and help us fight? If you do I promise we'll teach Calvera something about the price of corn!”


RoboGeek said...

I think the party should organise a scouting trip to the orc camp and then an assassination attempt. Telfis ... where are you?

Insanodag said...

I suggest we build a gnomish catapult, fill it with molotov cocktails and launch an artillery strike at the orcish camp.

...maybe not...

RoboGeek said...

Or just fill it with Gnomes ...

Hedzor said...

Gnoming missiles?