Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Thesis the Reckless and Durin the Brabarian

When the party left the outpost nearly a week before to go off on some pointless religious mission with that self-righteous Cleric, the barbarian dwarf and the tatooed fighter hankered for a little more "action". They decided to take up the offer of an elven raiding party to join them in their mission to see off an orc warband from the elven lands south-west of the outpost.

It was just 2 days into the foray when they realised that the warband had not materialised. The ledgendary reconnisance intelligence of the woodland folk had somehow failed them. The elves decided to return to the outpost to replan, so Thesis and Durin, muscles bulging, sword and axe keen, begrudingly returned too having not so much as killed a squirrel.

Back at the outpost, not knowing what to do, Thesis practiced with an entirely new weapon, a huge Greatsowrd and became proficient and rather fond of his new "protector". He also gave himself a new moniker "Thesis the Reckless" - well that was how he felt! Durin, spent most of the time whoring and drinking, but seemed also to be strengthened for the experience.

When Elogyn and the St. Cuthbert crew passed again through the outpost on their way to catch up with Eolar, Thesis and Durin tagged along, assuming that, if their friends were still alive, might just be a lot more fun to be with rather than a bunch of clueless elves.


Hedzor said...

An Orc Warband...

Hedzor said...

I 'Thesis the Reckless' put + 2 on my AC with 'Total coward Feat: Combat expertise'!