Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plotting in the Dark

Outside in the darkness, the surviving Aranea seethes with anger.
How could those pathetic meat sacks have killed Steatoda; another of her brothers?
Katipo scuttles through the night, plotting her next move.
Should she try to attack them again?
Should she try to trick them? Human males are such fools for a pretty face.
In her spider form however, she is far less lovely than before. No normal man would be able to look at her without shuddering with revulsion.
Perhaps she could gather up more of the mindless undead to fight for her?
Certainly there are too many to face alone.
Still, thanks to the accursed Clerics of St Cuthbert, the undead are becoming scarcer.
Katipo waits in the cold, dark night.
Perhaps, at least, they won’t have found our treasure.


Insanodag said...

hmmm...I smell the possibility of more lewt!

and exp..

Hedzor said...

Or perhaps just some 'essential' plot padding?