Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Treasure (It’s not much but…)

6 good quality pearls (100gp value plus)

Orc scouts:
Chain shirt armour x3
Falchions x3
Heavy Crossbows x3
Bolts x27

MWKs Composite Longbow(str14)
MWKs OrcAxe
Thunderstone x1
20xArrows and Quiver
Magical Arrows +2 (8)

Orc warriors:
Chain shirt armour x10
Falchions x10
Heavy Crossbows x10
Bolts x92

Toriano (Ogre):
Great club
Javalin x3
Hide Armour

Light Riding horses x2
Heavy cart horses x 2
Heavy carts x2


Hedzor said...

Someone divide this up please.
I'm especially interested in:
who takes the arrows and bolts? (Both normal and magic.)
Who gets the potion?
I'm assuming no one objects to Eolar taking the Composite Longbow.

Joebroesel said...

Ok, here is the list of things we don't want to turn into gold and who wants to take them/took them (from last 2 Tuesdays):
- Composite Longbow (Eolar)
- 8 magic arrows (Divide)
- 6 pearls 100gp+ (Bodush)
- Masterwork Orcaxe (?)
- 1 Thunderstone (Telfis)
- Potion Barkskin +2 (?)
- Masterwork fife (Telfis)
- Complete Disguise Kit (Telfis)
- small steel mirror (Telfis)
- ornate Jewell box (worth something :) )
- Magic Ruby Necklace (?)
- Bolts: 119 (Divide)
- Arrows: 20 (Divide)

The rest together with the gold is in total 3407.09gp (486.73 each)
- Who was archer and who is using crossbows?
- Who wants the stuff with (?) and is everybody happy with the split?
- Kirk, I guess the gnomes are happy to buy all the stuff for trading (50%)?
- What are we doing with the jewel box? I think we sell it! After we took the necklace out of course ;-)
- We have 4 gems (2 from last one, 2 from this none), how much are they worth?

As soon as I know how much the rest is worth and who wants that I'll update the gp for everybody.

Joebroesel said...

Ah, and what are we doing with the horses? I guess nobody wants a cart (not even I considered it! Just think about rivers ;-) ), but the horses could speed up a dwarf ;-) If they can make it up :D

RoboGeek said...

I use a longbow, so would join in a split of the magic arrows.
I don't think Bodush should automatically get 600gp of pearls just for identify - they could be split among the party, and we can give them to Bodush as/when he needs them for the spell.
Bodush should get the necklace as you probably need to be an arcane magic user to use it effectively (if it follows the same rules as wands), whatever we don't use in the orc attack, he keeps.
The potion then needs to be given to either Wer, Durin, Kraddo or Thesis.
If nobody claims it, I'll take it to use for the ensuing battle.

PS - cheers Sven for calculating all this!

TieDye said...

I'd like to snag a suit of chain mail armour, seeing as how it'd give me a sweet boost of +2 to my AC, and I'd like some crossbow bolts and the Orcaxe, if no one else wants it.

Hedzor said...

Ornate, gold inlaid jewellery box: 1000gp!
It is made of a hardwood and seems treated to be flame/heat retardant.

Gems: Bloodstone:60gp/Amber:80gp/Moonstone:50gp/Green Garnet:100gp

Orc axe can only be used properly with the 'Two weapon fighting' feat.

The Gnomes are poor farmers. If they had the sort of money to buy the equipment off of you (That they helped capture!) they could have afforded to pay you.

I can't work out if Dwarves can use/ride/wear normal/medium sized things. Unless someone can show me where it says 'no', I say OK!

Bodush notices one thing unusual about the Orc equipment. Although not particularly well cared for, it is much better than usual Orc equipment.
Another sign that their leader Calvera is a cut above the average Orc War Chief.

RoboGeek said...

So, if we can't sell the stuff, we will have to wait till we are back in a town.

Can I trade for some stuff though? I need some cleric spell components and a hunting knife (dagger).

PS - Bodush can have the pearls - I was being unnecessarily mean - they are for the party good after all.

PPS - Bodush should keep the necklace in the box for now - save him getting blown-up! We can sell it later.

Hedzor said...

Petra can supply all the inexpensive spell components you need for free.

Britt (One of the Warrior Gnomes), happily gives Thesis a hunting knife (dagger) from his extensive collection.

TieDye said...

I know I can't use the Orcaxe with my current skills, but I figure it might come in handy once I get the opportunity to learn some.