Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Place Like Gnome

The seven warrior Gnomes welcome the adventurers into their homes. Each of them gives hospitality to the adventurer they paired with during the battle.
Over the next few days, Petra; Gnome Head woman goes back and forth between her people and yours. Her faithful badger ‘Angel’ constantly at her side.
Her main advisor is Sokoloff. He’s probably around the same age as her and wears the scars of more than one battle. Despite his small stature, he was probably a decent fighter in his day. The other voices she listens to are: Sotero, Bissell and Hilario. The other Gnome elders. Surprisingly she also consults with Izzard, the recently reformed Gnome Wizard.
She is sure Calvera, the Orc War chief, will soon send a bigger and better prepared group to crush their resistance.
Perhaps a scouting mission to ascertain their numbers would be wise?

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