Friday, September 14, 2007

Wer Hinterwood

Seeing her arrive from afar would almost think: "nice little piece of woman coming towards you", if it wasn't for that huge dog she is riding without a saddle. Really not bad looking, her quite fair skin, and all those little braids bouncing through the air at every step of her huge newfoundland. She has a bit of the wild touch around her have to admit, leather boots brown baggy breaches light leather armor, big earth colored hide cloak on her back and quarterstaff in her hand.
But when she comes closer something is most definitely wrong... The dog is not that big actually, still quite big but not that big and when she jumps of the black shepherd dog with her big smile and punches you lightly in the thighs in the thighs, you actually realize she is no more than 3 foot high... Darm halfling! She stick her arm fool of wooden bracelets into her satchel, grabs out her wooden pipe, fumbles around one of her numerous pouches and fills her pipe with nice smelling tabacco, a bit more of rummaging, light it and tells you her story.
That is Wer, Wer Hinterwood. And her childhood friend Masena. She left her tribe a couple of month ago on a kind of apprenticeship. Her tribe was a bit unusual for halflings, as opposed to most clans hers, the Hinterwood clan, is not that kind in the cities and towns, but more of the woods and the wilds. They still are of the nomadic and curious ones but instead of the dirty human world they have settle for the world of the woods, they have a lot of contact with all the people of the wild, from the centaurs to the orcs, over the elves, the treemen, the giants and all the others.
Since very young the old wise woman of the tribe noticed her incredible ability to empathize with nature and all of its parts, and her incredible power to impose her will, so set forth to train her to become her heir and one day to lead the woman council of the clan (which as every one knows de facto rules in that kind of subtle way as to let believe the males of the clan that they make the decision *laugh*). Her teacher not being able to teach her much more, it has been decided that the best for her future education is to travel through the big wide world and to come back when she will be ready to lead that bunch of wool-headed stubborn halflingmen of the clan.
So here she is ready for her first adventure, and having finished to smoke her pipe gets out a carved flute and starts some, lets say interesting, notes. Even Masema (her big Newfoundland riding dog, his story will be for an other time), lying against her , hides his head under his huge paws, no music is not her biggest talent for the moment....


RoboGeek said...

You are playing a clever game - I now feel I know her intimately her and don't want to kill her off with a hoard of Zombies ...

Hedzor said...

A guilt laden, responsibility filled DM?
I'll start making up my tragic yet heroic past right away.

RoboGeek said...

Is it Wen or Wer? Or maybe Wy ;)