Thursday, September 20, 2007

Diary of Eolar

Watching the others leave, I was looking forward to spend a few days in the wilderness again. I'd have to make sure that the remains of the fake lighthouse are removed and the old lighthouse resumes its activity. I already spoke to some of the lizard folk and they seem to be friendly. I think I'm staying in the lighthouse, there should be a lizardmen settlement close by. It seems that they don't follow a higher god, so they might be open to the teachings of St.Cuthbert.

2 days passed since the last entry. I'm sitting in the lighthouse looking out to the calm sea. It's a wonderful, quiet place to recover and meditate. The lighthouse is working and judging by the ships passing by, the route to Seawell is open again. The lizard men come to the lighthouse frequently to bring food and goods and they've already agreed to keep the lighthouse running till a new keeper arrives. They are reclusive creatures and I have only met a handful so far. They also don't seem to be interested in their spiritual health, but some at least showed interest in divine matters.

The carts arrived from Seawell today. I already had a look through the goods the pirates had piled up the last days. It wasn't a big treasure but enough for the 4 of us. You have to be grateful for what St.Cuthbert sends you! While the stuff got loaded up, I said farewell to the lizard men whose hospitality I enjoyed the last days. Although I haven't met many, I have the suspicion there are hundreds in the swamps if not more. But their tribes are hard to find if they don't want you to. I'm fully recovered and ready again to guide my fellow adventurers in their search for a good spiritual life. I'm following the carts back to Seawell. Let's see what St.Cuthbert prepared for us!

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