Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New assignation in Seawell

It was a small and dirty pub at the harbour. He was sitting in a far corner, watching the people. Prosperous harbour towns like Seawell always attract all types of visitors: Adventurers and tradesmen as well as thieves and other outlaws. He didn't like crowds of any kind and normally tried to avoid settlements of any race. Memories came to his mind that reminded him why. ...

His father, a respected but solitary living elf who never considered the problems of elves or other races his own, died in a far away battle shortly after his birth. Treated by her own blood like an outlaw, his human mother was expelled for mingling with elves and so
they lived alone in his fathers hide-out in Nan Elmroth trying to avoid humans and were avoided by elves who regarded them inferior.
On his 10th birthday, the hide-out was attacked and his mother killed by marauding orks.
He managed to flee, but had to learn that being a half-breed doesn't make life easier.
Trying to find help in a human settlement, all he found was abuse, racism and expulsion and he had to fight his way out of towns more than just once.
Also his half-elvish parentage proved to be no remedy as elves regarded him impure and refused to welcome him. So for many years, he went back into the woods where he tried to survive alone.

Eolars attention got attracted by a ranger entering the pub. He heard his name in a whispered conversation close to him - Mendez. The stranger looked around as he was searching for someone and then went to a darker area of the bar, also watching the travellers coming in.
His style and the way he moved made him look as he didn't belonged into this kind of pub. While watching the ranger, more memories floated up in his mind....

He saw the face of the monk - Geolathon, a half-elf like him - in front of him. The monk found him near a ruin of an old cathedral in Nan-Elmroth and took him in. Eolar knew how to survive and how to fight his way through live, but Geolathon gave him a home and taught
him how to read and write. From him he learned patience, eloquence and further up the road, how to read old scriptures, use ancient knowledge and spellcraft. Slowly along the way he got introduced into the teachings of St.Cuthbert. Over the course of many years, the savaged boy grew into a confident, eloquent cleric with a cemented faith.
He learned to control his inflammableness towards injustice and racism and how to use the power he can draw from his god in order to defend himself and help others.
Geolathon, who came from the same background, gave up fighting against chaos long ago as he was convinced it was a forlorn fight. Eolar in contrast developed a growing desire to actively fight it and spread the lawful words of St.Cuthbert - in case of need with force. Short-tempered as he still was, it often was the latter....

Two more travellers now joined Mendez on the other side of the pub. The first one - a human as it seemed - looked like a sorcerer. He turned his head and Eolar saw a strange glint in his eye he wasn't sure about - a strange aura surrounded the stranger. The second arrival was as strange as the first, but for a totally different reason. She just tried to reach up for the counter to grab the beer she ordered. Beeing just about 3 feet, this was a undertaking worth watching. While he saw the small person jumping up and down, he remembered why he was here!

On the deathbed, Geolathon broke it to him, that he was send by St.Cuthbert through visions to teach him. Also Eolar had these from time to time and the last thing the monk taught him before leaving this world was that these divine visions should guide his life. The last one brought him to Seawell and made him look for a challenge....

Looking at the group at the bar, these adventurers were definitely in need of spiritual guidance. The sorcerer still made Eolar feel uncomfortable, but he couln't pin-point what it was. If this was the challenge St.Cuthbert set up for him, he was ready to take it! He downed the last drops of his beer and after putting the jug down, walked over to his new assignation.....

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