Monday, September 3, 2007

Another taste of the same action

‘You, Battle-Nun. Give us your blessing before we go in.’
Mendez gives orders to Elogyn, as he arrogantly assumes command.
The Elven archer Takis, notches an arrow and stands directly behind the tall and athletic pirate.
Mendez shoulder barges the door and smashes through it easily. His attempts to gracefully tumble into the room and out of the way of the elf, like himself however, fall flat.
Time seems to stop for a moment.
Two Kobolds either side of the door can’t believe their luck. Both jab down with their spears at the prone Mendez. Both draw blood.
Takis however releases his arrow and it pierces the throat of the diminutive Kobold in the centre of the room. It falls to the floor, dead.
Elogyn slips into the room and confronts one of the Kobolds harassing Mendez.
She smashes the child-sized creature with her iron mace and it’s face parts company with the remains of its head.
Mendez slashes at his remaining opponent as he struggles to his feet. The Kobold easily avoids the clumsy stroke.
Takis however, calmly notches another arrow and lets it fly while walking into the room.
Mendez is saved again. This time by the Elf.
Suddenly a cry from the corner of the room alerts them to an additional Kobold. It had been hidden around the corner. It lets fly a sling stone straight at Elogyn, but lands only a glancing blow.
Mendez roars and charges after the cowering Kobold. It attempts to flee are stymied by a closed door and Mendez’s scimitar emerging from it’s stomach.
A quick rummage around the room reveals nothing worth taking.
Elogyn heals Mendez and then herself.
Mendez mutters under his breath; ‘Let’s aim for some money next time.’

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