Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The journey back

Walking at a slow trudge, Mendez, Wer and Bodush make their way back through the open deltas towards town.
Turning to Bodush, Mendez whispers; “This shirt’s ruined! Do you realise how much it cost? This little escapade had better be worth my while.”
They keep a tight watch on the bound and gagged female pirate.
“There'd better be a reward for her as well.”
Despite his complaints about the trivial, Mendez is genuinely worried about Eolar. Left behind to guard the recaptured cargo.
He is also deeply concerned by the numerous deaths he’d seen. More so, he’s disturbed that one of those deaths could have been his own!
Perhaps choosing to be a Ranger had been a mistake?

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Insanodag said...

Yes, obviously life as a bard is less conducive to sharp-object- permanently-ruining-silk-on-their-way-to -permanently-runing-you episodes. I hear the wine stains are difficult to get out though.