Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A hanging

The people of Seawell cheer as Mendez, Bodush and Wer pass through the streets with the wrecker captain Erqua Ashilim bound and humiliated. They push her in front of them forcing her to keep moving, enjoying the grateful cheers of a relieved people.

When back in the mayors house with Erqua behind bars, they start to tell of what they found. Of course their tales are given an extra breath or two to inflate them (A pack of Worgs, A Zombie Army!!), but when the come to the evil deeds of Erqua and her band of Wreckers, no such exaggeration is needed. They know that when the townspeople hear of the heartless muder of the lighthouse keeper and his young family, there can only be one result.

The guard are less troubled by lizard-folk attacks since the heroes return. (Clearly the wreckers had been paying at least one tribe of the lizard-folk to launch these raids in the first place.) So, the mayor dispatches the lieutenant of the guard with 8 men and carts and mules to relieve the brave and righteous Eolar of his charge and bring back the lost goods.

Fittingly, the heroes are given a weeks lodging and all the help they need in recovering from their ordeals. When Eolar returns, all the adventurers split their proceeds1 and resume their training in their arts of combat and magic use with renewed vigor, bringing their recently fought experience2 to good use.

As for Erqua, well, that one is very strange. She was hanged after all, but before she went she made clear to everyone where she knew the mayor from before. Their days as pirates on the high seas became public knowledge. The mayor now sits on the same bench as Erqua once occupied, awaiting his trial.

1. Treasure: You found 12 casks of salted meat, 18 casks of wine/spirits, 28 bales of cloth, 1500 copper ingots, 19 casks of oil and 15 casks of herbs and spices. (The total value 1478gp). Plus 600gp and 2 gems (100gp each).
Magic: (in addition to the potions I already told you about from the boy Frok and the pirate patrol): On the pirates and in their hoard:: 3 potions of cure light wounds, 1 potion of Mage Armour, 1 potion of endure elements, 1 potion of invisibility, 1 scroll identify (arcane), 1 scroll chill touch (arcane), 1 scroll summon monster 1 (divine). 1 magical ring (unidentified). 1 magical pair of bracers.
Weapons: On Erqa and her crew at the camp: 4 masterwork Cutlasses, 2 Masterwork Light Crossbows, 1 Masterwork dagger. (Re-sale value 160gp each)
Reward for Erqua alive: 400gp (plus the 50gp each you were promised)

2. Experience Points. You are awarded the following XP: Mendez (1070XP), Wer (1095XP), Bodush (1045XP) and Eolar (1090XP). Congratulations you all progress!! You will need to *pay* for your training though!


Hedzor said...

Politicians and Pirates.
All the same really.
Who gets what?

RoboGeek said...

I suggest you need negotiate with your fellow players when it comes to the magic and potions. Alternatively I could divy it all up and you will have no recourse on my decision.

Insanodag said...

Right, before we make the decision as to who gets what, we should need to identify the bracers and the ring. Now, according to the rules, it would cost us 10gp times the caster's level to pay for someone to cast identify. Unfortunately the spell also requires the crushing of a pearl(which must cost at least 100gp) so we are looking at least at a cost of 220-260 gp to pay for the identification of the two items.

Joebroesel said...

Think it makes sense to identify the items first. Meldo is still carrying a master cutlass which is worth another 160gp, so we would have to spend less than 100gp from what's on the list....

Insanodag said...

This suggestion assumes that the characters have bonded during their week in the lovely swamp and have decided to band up and pool their skills together in new and daring adventures in the future.

The total monetary value of our stuff(minus magic items, the two masterwork crossbows and one masterwork cutlass) as well as the reward for Erqua is 3318 gp(or 829.5 per person).

Since Bodush is the only one who can read the arcane scrolls, I humbly suggest that he gets them. The cleric and the druid can argue about the divine scroll.

The curing potions should probably be kept by the cleric to be used in case of emergency, while the remainder can be divided amongst everybody except myself(Since i got two scrolls).

Finally the bracers and the ring need to be identified so we cannot really divide them up, but my suggestion is that whoever gets them get the cost of identifying them away from their part of the loot and we make an agreement that they are last in line for the next batch of magical items.

Hedzor said...

You guys can argue over the magical stuff, just give me a larger share of the cash.
Also,sell the Masterworks weapons, unless someone wants to keep them.
I'm off to blow this money on women and wine.
Oh, and a new shirt!