Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Potions and Magic Items

So, to business. You all got various "mystery" potions and magic items.
In case I had not already made it clear, you can pay your spellcaster (Bodush) to identify1 items - it costs him 100gp in material components. If for some reason you should go to another spellcaster, they are likely to charge you more (120gp per ident). However you can also "taste" or "test" potions to asses their properties, but you will only get a vague hint (unless you/someone else make a successful spellcraft skill at the same time).

What you all got:

From Frock, 1 potion each:
  • Mendez : White potion (hint: smells of camphor)
  • Eolar : Grey potion (hint: feel you are more protected from attack)
  • Wer: Silver (hint: you believe no one can hurt you)
  • Bodush: Black (hint: you feel safe, as though in a church)
Of all these, Mendez's is the hardest to identify by far, it is clearly not a potion of cure light wounds, and may be worth the expense to properly identify it ...
The others are common potions and are probably worth less than the cost to identify them ... go on have a guess!

From the pirate patrol:
  • Mendez : common - (hint: gives you a spring in your step)
  • Wer #1: common - same as Grey above
  • Wer #2: (hint: you canput up with any amount of rain and snow)
  • Bodush : common - (hint: cuts are healed)
  • Eolar: common - (hint: cuts are healed)
The others (from the hoard) I already gave you an identification for free ...

If anyone wants to attempt an identify / guess / spellcraft etc. on any of these potions, or indeed on the 2 magic items, let me know by e-mail.

your faithful DM.

1 - assuming that he copied the scroll "identify" into his spellbook!


Hedzor said...

That's not fair.
I don't even know what 'camphor' is.

RoboGeek said...

Ahh... it was meant to be cryptic - this is a much rarer (and therefore more valuable) potion, which means that most people won't be able to guess what it is without either specialist knowledge (combined with a DC roll of some kind), or just going out there and paying for an identify spell.

One final hint I will give you though is that it was put in there to help you should one of the characters have befallen a particular fate that was waiting for them.

Hedzor said...

That's even less helpful!

Insanodag said...

And I don't actually have a spellbook....

RoboGeek said...

Of course, you are a sorcerer not a wizard. Well, I guess it is a one off shot with the identify scroll then ...

Hedzor said...

'The Old Potions Shop'.
Despite this specifically hurting me, I'd like this shut down.
If you can just buy whatever potions you want it lessens the joy of finding one to the point they're not considered rewards at all.
Also, It's harder for the DM, when his obstacles are easily over come because everyone has bottles of 'Hide from Undead' or 'Jump' potion etc.

Joebroesel said...

So this means we are not able to buy potions? Fine with me!

RoboGeek said...

Well, Thesis would have been dead without his healing potions, so obviously I'm biased!
But, basically, I think you are absolutely right. It unbalances the game.

Consider the rule quashed.

Hedzor said...

Think of me then.
You're probably DMing next so your character's safe.
I'll be acting as sole fighter without a donkey load of healing potions.
If I die, it'll be effectively self inflicted!