Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Seawell, hot, sweaty and often violent. Its bustling sea port brings in the trade and with it prosperity. Ships come from far off lands bringing tales of adventure and treasure and this attracts so many people just like you who leave their little villages looking for fame and fortune. People of all kinds can be found here along with folk who many would hardly call people at all, they are so strange looking.
You can get what you want, within reason, but take care; there is always a dark alley with a thug waiting to steal you purse in exchange for a cut-throat. You could try to call on the local militia, but you wouldn't get far unless there was something in it for them. In any case, at the moment they are more preoccupied with the increasing raids from the Siarsk lizard-folk clan who are based at the southern end of the peninsula that is to the east of town.

So, dear adventurer, call upon whatever god or minion you favour, take your sword in your hand and go seek your destiny ...


Timarik scribe to Captain Boscorm, Mayor of Seawell

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Hedzor said...

'Siarsk lizard-folk clan'?
I'd prefer 'Really weak and cowardly, Kobold clan'!