Thursday, September 13, 2007

New characters

A fun-filled afternoon of character creation resulted in some interesting additions to the party.
First off the mark was Dag's Blue-eyed, blonde-haired Orc-hating Human Ranger : "Meynhard Gaertner".
Next (and still being perfected) is Moritz's Halfling Druid "Wer Hinterwood" and his Riding Dog "Masema". Fittingly Masema seems to be better at just about anything than Wer!
Sven brings us his, as yet unnamed,half-elf cleric of St. Cuthbert, the god of retribution. He smites all who disagree with him, but protects his flock with menace.


Hedzor said...

What no fighters either?
We're in trouble already!

Insanodag said...

Actually I decided to create a sorcerer instead. Much more fun and smaller likelihood of survival!

Hedzor said...

The only fighter there's going to be, is me the Ranger.

Insanodag said... least we can hide behind him and try not to stab him in the back...