Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Flame Strike at Dawn!

After magically transporting back to Cyclops Island, the Party searched the outlying areas. Eolar knows that there’s a ship on the island. A ship big enough to carry them all. Despite this though, he can find no safe harbour or cave big enough to hide it.
Finally then, Thesis and Durin get their wish. The Party will have to face the giants.
Leaving the priest Roly, the Children, the Hamster-men and the Sailors back in the safety of the magical mansion, the Party travel the seventeen miles to the giant village.
Leaving the path about a mile before the village, they stealthily climb the steep hill and wait until first light.
The giants are going through their morning duties. Washing, eating and preparing for the day ahead, when Eolar summons a huge Fire elemental in their midst.
A giantess screams and a moment later, a heavy bell rings out an alarm!

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