Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakfast of Chompians

The remaining two Hamster-men huddle together. Unlike the Lizard-man and the Dwarf, they’re glad to be off Cyclops Island, for they know why Mendez named it thus.
It was one of their brothers that was killed there during Mendez’ first visit. Brutally skewered alive and roasted, still screaming over an open fire. The one-eyed giant creature ate him for his morning meal.
Mendez had eventually managed to escape, blind the one-eyed giant and save all the other Hamster-men, but though sightless, the giant had managed to survive.
The two giants recently encountered on the shore, though different in appearance were definitely the Cyclops’ kin. The stink of their evil was unmistakable.
Since emerging from the Gnomish Mountain, the evil they’ve encountered has been hard to understand. These creatures however seem so much worse.
Why do the Gods allow them to exist?

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